Playing any kind of sport is a great way to get in shape, especially sports like basketball that require a lot of movement. The amount of exercise a person will get in just one basketball game can already count for a morning jog and then some. This is because one must be physically active in order to play the game.


Playing basketball is one of my hobbies and I also do it as a type of exercise. Not only does it help me with my fitness routine, it also allows me to have a lot of fun. I invite a few of my friends over so that we can play in the backyard where I have a portable basketball goal. Sometimes they ask me what kind of basketball goal to get because there are a lot of options and I have to admit that in-ground basketball hoops make great basketball goals!


In-ground basketball goals differ from the portable goals with a roller base that one would see in school gyms. They are permanently installed on the cement and they tend to be sturdier and much more firm than the ones that can be moved. These make great portable basketball goals because they are easy to transport from the store to your backyard, and once they are installed, they will stand firm and will not be easily moved even with strong winds. For those who are thinking about getting one, here are some of the top in ground basketball goals that are available for purchase:


Spalding H-Frame In-Ground Basketball System. This in ground basketball goal is perfect for my backyard because it has an adjustable height between seven feet to ten feet. Moreover, it is easy to assemble because of the additional anchor kit that will be the guide during the actual assembly of the frame. What I really like about this hoop is that it is a solid goalpost and it can withstand aggressive play.


Goalsetter Captain In-ground Adjustable System. One of the top in ground basketball goals is the Goalsetter Captain. These make great portable basketball goals, especially for those who have children and teenagers in the household. Unlike the previous goal that can be adjusted to as low as seven feet, this one can be adjusted from ten feet all the way down to six feet, which is the ideal height for kids to start out with. Lastly, it is easier to install because of its ground anchor hinge system.


These are just some of the top in ground basketball goals that customers can purchase, especially for those who are looking to install one in their own backyard. Although sometimes, there are basketball courts at the park, I would rather play basketball in my own backyard. That way, I can immediately rest afterward. Plus, it is great for those who have children who also want to play the game. These are

that anyone can appreciate, especially if they want to play basketball to get in shape.

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