Neuropathy is a condition that has been widely debated on the basis of what the best treatment would be to treat it. But in this situation, because of the many ways to approach this condition, it may have put a spotlight on how we view medicine and medical treatments towards certain conditions.

Before we dive into how much medicine has changed over the years, first we define what neuropathy is. For those who are not aware what they are and what factors cause them to happen, neuropathy is a condition in which the nerves are damaged. The beginning stages include a tingling sensation in the hands and the feet or any part of the body that is affected. This will then lead to a numb sensation and eventually, the nerves will become so damaged that pain will be felt.

There are many approaches to treating neuropathy and these treatments vary from medication to natural remedies such as proper exercise and a healthy diet. Neuropathy might not seem like a life-threatening disease just as HIV or Cancer would entail. But in reality, having neuropathy actually indicates that there might be a disease, such as cancer, already occurring in your body. With that said, it is important to tackle this condition as soon as possible to minimize consequences and avoid further damage.

As for the treatments, this is where all the talk comes in. With so many possible treatments, it might just change how we perceive medication. There are several ways to treat Neuropathy, some are simple prescriptions of antidepressants, while some implement anti-seizure medications and/or promote venturing into other narcotics. Whatever the case may be, this sheds light on how to treat certain diseases.

There are so many illnesses that people encounter on a daily basis and it is never enough to just rely on the doctor all the time. There are also those who prefer doing natural neuropathy treatments, which seem to be showing better results. Natural treatments such as having a healthy diet can show promising improvement for those who do experience neuropathy.

However, because there are several ways to treat Neuropathy, there could be two sides of the argument. Some would argue that because there are several ways, different kinds of medication can also be implemented on other diseases instead of just focusing on finding one specific treatment. On the other hand, others would argue that because there are so many, current treatments may not be working as great as it should be.

The way I see it, current medical treatments is not enough to be completely satisfied. Treating diseases, illnesses and other conditions should be a non-stop process because the human body is so unpredictable. Depending on the circumstances and the environment, sickness can vary and find a medication that can actually adjust accordingly should be a priority instead of finding one actual drug to combat a diverse set of diseases. Therefore, it is clear that neuropathy treatments may change how we view medicine and medical treatments in general.

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